Aboriginal art activities in schools

I love working with children in schools and preschools and seeing the creative ideas they come up with during Aboriginal art workshops and Cultural incursions. Below you will find a gallery of some of the children's art works from various Cultural sessions, workshops and incursions.

During the session I usually tell a 'Dreaming' story and finish up with an art activity relating to the story.

Here Yr 1 & 2 students heard a story about 'Why emus can't fly'. Some students choose to colour in a 'template' that I have drawn and others like to make their own pictures.

Here Laura has added her own ideas to the emu picture and created a colourful sun, waterhole and emu tracks.



Here Spencer is colouring in an Aboriginal pattern emu.



 Right is a picture of 'Piggi-Billa - A  Dreaming story about Piggi-Billa the greedy echidna.





Bark Painting by Yr 4's & 5's

The children painted an Aboriginal art style background on a canvas, and then painted a design on to a piece of paper bark, which they then pasted on to the canvas.

The results were stunning






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