Dreamtime Storys

Part of sharing Aboriginal Culture in schools I work in involves the telling of Dreamtime Storys with the children. I find that they love hearing the Aboriginal legends that have been passed down through the generations.

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It is so much fun to be able to share the Dreamtime Storys, and using hand puppets of the Australian animals in many of the stories helps to involve the children to a greater extent.

I love working with the children, watching their reactions to the stories, and having them participate and have fun while they learn about Aboriginal Culture and the meaning and reasons for the Aboriginal art symbols that are part of the heritage.

I never tire of sharing all these wonderful Dreamtime Storys and art activities with the children, and am rewarded by the response I get each time I visit the classrooms.

For more information on Aboriginal Culture Awareness visits, you will find my contact details on the contact us page.

Cultural Awareness

Protecting the Aboriginal Heritage and Culture is something I am passionate about, and have been presenting Dreamtime stories and Aboriginal art activities for children in schools and kindergartens for the past few years. Cultural Awareness I believe, must be preserved.

I’ve had the privilidge of sharing stories from the Dreamtime, integrating the use of Australian animal puppets, and encouraging the children to interact in the story. I seen the delighted faces when telling the stories which makes the whole experience worth while.

The children really enjoy the art and craft activities that always relate to the story they have just heard. It is a very special way to encourage Cultural Awareness as a natural part of our everyday lives.

For more information how your school can participate in Aboriginal Cultural Awareness lessons, feel free to contact us. Full details are on our contact page.

Bob Randall says it beautifully in his book ‘Nyuntu Ninti’ – What you should know, when he describes the connection with the land that the Aboriginal people have.

He says ‘Being alive connects you to every other living thing that’s around you. You’re never lost and you’re never alone – you’re one with everything else that there is.”

I look forward to sharing our Culture with you.